About Us

Founded in 1984

ADAPTEK Systems objective at that time was to provide maintenance to terminals and peripheral devices. In 1987, the company began assembling its own line of Canadian made IBM compatible microcomputers.

Since then, ADAPTEK has become an IT business leader in the Ottawa-Gatineau region by providing total networking solutions integrating all connectivity mediums. ADAPTEK successfully delivers quality products and personalized services to its customers comprising government agencies, educational communities, not-for-profit and charitable organizations, various professional associations and small businesses.  

Our competitive edge lies in offering personalized A-to-Z solutions that work. Our ability to adapt to various needs or requests starts with a bilingual and strong service team. 

Innovative reliable services and a flexible support is provided by our team of experts with advanced troubleshooting techniques and direct access to the latest technical information.

Our team consists of electronics engineering technologists, network specialists, assembly technicians and support staff that are fully dedicated to our customers. 

We are proud to continuously offer a superior level of consultation, products and support to the entire Ottawa-Gatineau region.